Basketball Training is better with ShadowPlayer

Youth Basketball Training has reached an all-time new level.  Developed by a long time Basketball Coach, Greg Decker, as a result Comes an incredible system for teaching and training Basketball like never before.  Having the right tools is extremely beneficial in getting the most out of your practice and training time.

The Key to training your players is having the right tools. The Basketball Training provided by Shadow Player is great. It also allows for a system to be used in coordination with the proper Training Tools along with Drills that aid in skill development. And is good  for any and all levels of ability.  This is a one size-fits-all training system.  This easy to use Youth Basketball Training System gives you results. Also allows as a result it helps you to become a better coach. It will help your players to achieve and develop even better.

New Youth Basketball Training System

basketball trainingThe Shadow Player Training System has been designed for youth basketball skill development and training so as a result your youth players can form a strong “fundamentals foundation,” . Which will in turn, help them to become better basketball players.

The Shadow Player Training System is unlike any other basketball training system on the market today and comes complete with five specially designed and patented Shadow Player Drill Towers, a Skill Development Matrix, fun color skill drills, and a light-weight custom carrying bag for portability from gym-to-gym.  The “system” is designed to work for any level of basketball player. From beginner to advanced, grade school to high school.


basketball trainingThe Shadow Player Training System helps players form a strong “fundamentals foundation,”. Making then increase their skill levels and on-court confidence.   Light-weight plastic drill towers replace tall cones and folding chairs. They are uniquely portable. The drill towers are easy to set-up and breakdown.  Individual or team drills can enhance multiple basketball skills. This includes dribbling/ball handling, shooting, pivots/footwork agility, passing, jump-stops, finishing around the basket, fakes/cuts, plyometric jumping, and  offensive attack moves or defensive court positioning. Color-diagrammed sample drills and a skill development matrix complete this efficient and effective youth basketball training system…easy for coaches or players to use.


basketball trainingYouth basketball coaches across the country are excited about what the Shadow Player Training System offers.  Based on feedback, they are impressed with how easy it is to set-up and breakdown on the basketball court.  The Shadow Player Training System makes practices more fun and efficient. It provides “variety” for those sometimes long youth basketball practices. And, the system allows individual players to work on their game by themselves with various drills as the Drill Towers mimic players (or Shadow Players) on the court and are easy to move around.
This new basketball training system has been featured at the following Kansas City area basketball camps including: Rockhurst University, Saint Thomas Aquinas High School, Rockhurst High School, Park Hill South High School, at the KAMO HOOPS Elite Basketball Camp at Shawnee Mission East High School and at the Rocky Lamar Fundamentally Driven Summer Basketball Camp at Mid-America Nazarene University.  The system has also been featured at regional AAU/USSSA basketball tourneys And most of all other special basketball organization events. 

DRILLS ARE REALLY ENDLESS FOR ANY LEVEL OF PLAYER AND ARE ONLY LIMITED BY YOUR IMAGINATION…ENJOY! GO HERE TO SEE SEVERAL DRILLS AND SPECIFIC TRAINING AVAILABLE WITH THIS AMAZING YOUTH BASKETBALL TRAINING SYSTEM. As a result get better at coaching you basketball team and help your players become better. Get your team together and teach then what we show you here you will see the results. Build on the fundamental foundation and make your team and yourself better.

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Basketball Fun Facts:

Basketball is one of the most entertaining and enjoyable sports in the world.
The ABA was also the first league to incorporate a dunk contest into the festivities.
The Boston Celtics have won the most NBA Championships at 17.
Kobe Bryant is the second all-time highest scorer in a game at 81 points.
The first basketball hoops were peach baskets with the bottom intact.
Early basketball games used soccer balls (1891–1950s).
Players would rub coal dust on their hands to grip the ball better.
Karl Malone of the Utah Jazz holds the record for the most free throws at 9,787 in his career.
The average height of all NBA players is just under 67 inches for the men and just over 57 inches for women.
Kobe Bryant was the youngest player to start an NBA game at just 18.5 years old.
No other sport has more injuries than basketball.
the most common basketball injury is a sprained ankle.
Knee inflammation is the injury that causes players to miss the most games.
NBA players run as much as four miles during a game.
The player with the most scores in a career is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.
Basketball shorts were short until 1984, when Michael Jordan asked for longer ones.
Michael Jordan has won the most scoring titles, with ten.
One of the more superstitious basketball players is Jason Terry.
The average NBA player can jump about 28 inches off the ground.
The NBA has banned certain equipment, such as Concept 1 propulsion shoes.
The smallest person to ever play in the NBA is Muggsy Bogues at 5′3″.
The top MLB players made an average salary of $16.4 million during the 2015 season.
The average salary among the top NBA players was $11.9 million.

More Fun Basketball Facts

The world record for the highest basketball shot is 415 feet high.

There are 122 “pebbles,” or bumps, per inch on a Spalding basketball.

Spalding has made official NBA basketballs since 1984.

The best-selling basketball shoe of all time is Michael Jordan’s Air Jordan.

The tallest pro basketball player on earth is Paul Sturgess at 7′8″

At 6′9″, Magic Johnson was the tallest point guard in NBA history.

Houston Rocket Yao Ming is currently the tallest player in the league at 7’6.

John Stockton is the all-time leader in assists.

Mark Price is the only player to average over 90% shooting from the free throw line for a career.

Reggie Miller owns the record for all-time three pointers made at 2,560.

Jordan retired in 1999 after the Bulls had won three straight titles to pursue a career in baseball.

The Chicago Bulls have won all six NBA Finals in which they have appeared in.

Hope you all likes the Basketball Fun Facts!!!